The Proposal
I love the way that Luis proposed to me! We always talked about getting married after I graduate in December of 2013, so after I graduated I kept hoping everyday he would propose. Well days, turned into weeks, then months… and so I stopped thinking about it. I got a new teaching job in June, so my attention was all about getting ready for my first year as a teacher. I was on “First grade everything mode!” So my mind was extremely occupied which gave him that opportunity to truly surprise me.
He told me that on July 4th we were going to go to Kemah to see the fireworks with some friends. I was just excited that we were going to see fireworks and even better, on a yacht! We had dinner and as it started to get dark, it was time to watch the fireworks. As the fireworks started, a familiar song came on that we both like, Who I Am with You by Chris Young. Then… he leaned over to me and said “Martha, Will You Marry Me!” All I remember is being shocked, and I couldn’t believe it, I said “Yes!” I was so excited that I didn’t even let him put the ring on my finger! We are excited about our big day that is only a couple of months away and are ready to start our new journey that God has planned for us.
Our Story
Luis and I have known each other for quite a while now… 11 years to be exact. I met him when I was 15 years old at church. He was always so quiet but somehow I still got to know him. Two years later our youth group went to Six Flags AstroWorld, so sad that they closed this place down! Anyways, I remember waking up not wanting to go, and he almost didn’t go either because they were still looking for a ride. So I end up going but before we got there our group stopped at a McDonalds where we met up with Luis and his cousins. All I remember is seeing him (his cousins were somewhere around him, I think), and giving him the biggest hug since it had been a while since I’ve seen him. I guess you can say that’s when the sparks started, because even though I was young, I knew that this was no ordinary feeling! We hanged out with each other the entire time we were at AstroWord. After that day we would still hang out but it wasn’t until August 20, 2005 when we started dating. We have been together ever since! Many people have asked “why aren’t we married yet”, “what is taking so long” etc. etc. etc. We have heard it all, but the truth is that we were not ready for marriage just yet! Through the years we have learned a lot from each other whether it be from a fight or a simple conversation.

Houston Wedding Photography by Epic Shots Photography Houston Wedding Photography by Epic Shots Photography Houston Wedding Photography by Epic Shots Photography