Where it all began:

We’ve been friends for years, with our first encounter with each other dating back a few years ago when I (Jessica) cut my finger and Joel volunteered to “bandage” my entire arm with bubble wrap. It was then that we hit it off. From that moment forward, our friendship grew.

Let’s fast forward a couple of years to where our love story started…

It all began on a day trip to San Antonio to meet a couple of friends. We both decided to carpool together. Our trip consisted of random conversation, Joel’s lectures of “less makeup is more makeup” and my fantastic taste in music along with a lot more laughter, jokes and small pranks.

While in San Antonio, we were left alone to fend off the San Antonio heat and traffic while our friends were in the car in front of us. We drove the entire way in complete silence but our minds were in complete sync with each other; our hearts beating because we knew right at that moment and there in the middle of I-35 that we both decided we could do this together forever.

Then he put a ring on it.

It was Valentine’s weekend 2015. We had been dating around a year and it was our first Valentine’s as an official couple. I met him at his church (he’s a pastor) for what I thought was going to be another Sunday morning church service. Little did I realize that he was about to change my life forever.

After service, surrounded by family, close friends and loved ones holding pictures of the memories they’ve made over the past year I walked through the backdoor leading outside in complete shock! When I finally gained some composure, I saw Joel with a handmade sign, saying “Will you marry me”? I walked towards him with more joy, shock, laughter and happiness then I’ve ever felt. Down on one knee, Joel asked me to spend the rest of her life making more adventures with him.

Houston Wedding Photography by Epic Shots Photography
Houston Wedding Photography by Epic Shots Photography
Houston Wedding Photography by Epic Shots Photography