Fashion Shoot - Jeymy Carcamo

Fashion Shoot - Jeymy Carcamo

Its amazing how simple places can be used as great scenes for a photographic session!

This weekend we had the honor to shoot this beautiful Modelo Latina Contestant Jeymy Carcamo. We decided to take some epic shots in UTB under the bridge RC Crawler Course located in Humble TX. This was our very first time using this location and let me tell you something…we loved it!

We now have the privilege of working together with Modelo Latina USA, a modeling agency that offer to contestants workshops that will help them develop their personal and professional image. It is aimed at Latina girls between the ages of 15 and 26 who wish to start in the world of modeling. Jeymy was our first model to shoot and her photoshoot was so much fun! She is a young lady with tremendous talent and we were able to take fabulous shots as she effortlessly posed for the camera.

Below are some photos we got of this beautiful young lady!

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Modelo Latino .jpg


Houston Quinceanera / Pearl Ortiz

It’s so wonderful to be able to shoot in many breathtaking places. Rice University even though it’s just located in our modern city of Houston Tx gives the feels of being in European grounds. With byzantine - Romanesque architecture this place definitely makes you feel you are in the other side of the world!

We had the opportunity to shoot this young Quinceanera Pearl. Even though she started off a bit shy, with our guidance we were able to guide her and build her confidence.

As she wore her crown that represented the princess she is we met our goal of capturing royalty worthy images.

It was a cloudy day which allowed us to give the photos a soft light effect and Mr.Epic (AKA as Carlos Gonzalez) had all odds in his favor to create some epic shots.

Houston Quinceanera-1.jpg

Houston Quinceanera-3.jpgHouston Quinceanera-2.jpg